Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Healthy Aval Puttu | Poha Puttu

Aval is one of the healthiest. It contains nutrients that strengthen bones and teeth.  Therefore, it can be eaten by the elderly and children to improve the health of the bones and teeth. The fiber contained in it will eliminate hunger for a long time.  This will help to reduce weight.You can prepare a lot of delicious dishes with flattened rice.  

Flattened rice Puttu (Aval Puttu)

 2 cups Flattened rice
 Salt -to taste
 Water-as needed
1 cup grated coconut

Fry  flattened rice on low heat for 5 minutes without adding oil. When cools down, add it to the mixer and grind to a coarse powder.

Add enough salt to it, add water little by little and mix well.

In a puttu maker, add a thin layer of freshly grated coconut, top it with flattended rice flour mix. If you are using the long cylindrical puttu maker, add 2 to 3 layers of grated coconut and flour mix. Cover the puttu maker with lid.

m cook  for 5 minutes or till the steam escapes from top holes of puttu kutty

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