Sunday, May 24, 2020

Avil Milk (Rice Flakes and Banana Milkshake)

Avil / rice flakes -1/2 cup
Small Ripe Banana- 4-5 (kerala small banana)
Sugar- 3tbsp
Cold milk-1cup
Chopped Peanuts-3tbsp

1.Dry roast the Rice flakes and keep it aside.

2.Prepare the milk by adding the sugar. Adjust the quantity of sugar according to your taste.

3.In a bowl, mash banana well with sugar by using a spoon or fork.

4.ln a glass, add the first layer of mashed banana. Then add a thick layer of roasted rice flakes on it. Now pour some milk over it.  With a spoon, gently press down the rice flakes to ensure that the milk seeps to the bottom. Now add a layer of peanuts, then again, a layer of mashed banana, rice flakes, and peanuts. Pour rest of the milk over it. Basic avil milk is ready.

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