Friday, June 19, 2009

Bread Manchurian

1.Bread-6 slices(small square pieces)
   Maida -1/2cup
   Corn flour- 1/4cup
   Kashmiri red chilly powder- 1/2tsp
   Ginger garlic paste - 2tsp
3.Onion (sliced) -1
   Ginger garlic paste-1tsp
   Red or green capsicum (sliced/chopped) - 1 medium
   Green chillies -2
4.Tomato sauce -2tbsp
   Chilly sauce-1tsp
   Soya sauce- 1tsp
5.Spring onion(chopped)-2springs
7.Salt to taste

  • Make a slightly thick batter with corn flour and maida dissolved in water.Add a tsp of the ginger garlic paste,1/2tsp red chilly powder & salt.
  • Coat the bread pieces with the batter and then deep fry until golden brown.
  • Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan.Add 1 tsp of ginger-garlic paste and fry till light brown.Add the onions ,chopped green chilies and capsicum . Saute till onions turn translucent and shiny(do not brown the onions).
  • Add 1/2tsp red chilly powder ,chopped spring onion ,tomato sauce , Soya sauce and chilli sauce.
  • Add 1tbsp corn flour dissolved in 1/2 cup water.Add the fried bread pieces and mix well (If you would like the Bread manchurian with a little gravy ,you can add some more corn flour dissolved in water).