Thursday, May 14, 2009


Bengal Gram (Kadala paripu)-1cup
Cardamom powder-1tsp
Nutmeg powder -1/4tsp
Yellow food colour-2drops
Salt-1 pinch
Refined oil-1/2 cup
Rice flour-1/2 cup

1. Mix Maida with food color and salt, add enough water and make it in to soft dough. Then pour oil over the dough (the dough is completly dipped in oil).Keep it aside for 1 hour.

2. Pressure cooks the kadala parippu with food color and water until it is cooked soft. Strain it well.

3.1cup sugar to be mixed with cooked gram and allow it to cook in medium heat.
Stir continuously until the mix become thick. Add cardamom powder and nutmeg powder in to it.

4. if the mix is getting cool, grind it using a mixer.

5. Now make equal number of lemon sized balls with gram mix and ½ inch size balls with Maida mix

6. The gram ball to be covered with Maida ball.

7. Finally the ball is dipped in rice flour and rolls it out to make as thin as possible.

8. Heat a pan and cook the bolis like chapathis.Apply little ghee on both sides.

9.Serve with palpayasam

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